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Web Editor – ASAP Marketing Team

This autumn we are running the second year of ASAP’s sustainability leadership training for students. We strive to inspire thousands of students and want your help to make it happen. Join our marketing team for a unique opportunity to practice your skills and boost students all over Sweden with inspiration and education to really make a difference!

About ASAP

ASAP – A Sustainability Acceleration Project – is a joint effort to inspire and empower students to become sustainability leaders, by giving them an opportunity to practice their skills and abilities as change makers. ASAP was founded by Sustainergies and Ecolabelling Sweden (the Swan) in 2018 and is powered by partner companies that contribute with key competencies and insights from their industries. The project was a great success when launched in 2018 and will relaunch again with new partners after the summer in 2019. Check out the website and blog or join us on Facebook and Instagram if you want to know more!

Your assignment

You will be involved in marketing and communication for the whole project. As part of the ASAP team you will work in close contact with project managers from Sustainergies and Ecolabelling Sweden, and also collaborate with key contacts from our partners.

The marketing team will work with content for our platforms, focusing on blog posts for ASAP’s website, content creation and sharing on social media, and direct marketing to selected target groups at universities, student unions, media and beyond. As part of the marketing team you will get to follow along during the exclusive week of student training, to get inspired and share inspiration and possibly interview the selected participants.

As editor for ASAP’s website your responsibility will be to make sure the content is up to date and that the functionality of the site is adapted to the current phase of the project. You will also be planning and writing content for our blog. The purpose of the blog is to provide inspirational and relevant texts about ASAP and sustainability leadership in general. We also write blog posts in collaboration with our partner companies about their work within the field of sustainability.

We are looking for

Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply. When finding people to join our team we mainly focus on personal abilities and interest for working with ASAP. We believe a strong candidate:

  • fluently speaks and writes in English
  • has basic proficiency in Swedish
  • enjoys writing accessible and engaging texts on complex topics
  • preferably has previous experience of working in WordPress or with other web publishing

What you get!

  • Experience of working to inspire other students to become sustainability leaders!
  • Amazing content for a professional portfolio and a merit on your CV
  • Contact with exciting partners
  • To work with a fantastic team – sustainability is a team effort!
  • The opportunity to attend the finals and gala event in November in Stockholm.
  • An advantage by knowing everything about ASAP, should you decide to apply for the sustainability leadership training yourself!

The details

Where do I work? That’s up to you. Being close to Stockholm is an advantage if you’re part of the marketing team, as some team meetings will take place at Norrsken House, Stockholm.
How much time will it take? It is a volunteer position with flexible hours. We expect you will need on average 4-8 hours/week during the autumn, with varying intensity.
When can I start? In August, but on May 10th we will have a one-day kick-off at Norrsken House in Stockholm (you will receive compensation for any travel expenses).

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